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Echo Dual Low Voltage Dimmer (EDLD) 0-10v Line Dips When Other Line is Cycled


When both 0-10v control lines are in use, but when one 0-10v control line dims to 0%, or raised up from 0%, the other line dips slightly in intensity then returns to the programmed level.  

Description/Explanation of Issue

Example of this issue:

  • Load on both Zone A and Zone B 0-10v control wires
  • Set both levels to 100%.
  • Dim Zone A to 0%.  Zone B will dip slightly, then return to 100%.
  • Set Zone A back to 100%.  Zone B will dip slightly, then return to 100%.

The same issue is seen if Zone B is turned on/off; Zone A will dip then return in that scenario.


If you are experiencing this issue with your Echo EDLD unit (PN: 7187A1112), please contact ETC Technical Support.

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