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EchoAccess Interface and Android NFC Screen Locking


When I try to connect my phone/tablet to the EchoAccess Interface via NFC my screen locks instead of launching the app and connecting .

Description/Explanation of Issue

Many Android devices support NFC, of Near Field Comunication. NFC allows you to send and receive small amounts of data between an NFC tag and an Android device, or between two Android devices (See Link Below for more information). The EchoAccess Interface also supports this. With an NFC supported Android device, you can launch the EchoAccess app and simoultaneously connect to the EchoAccess Interface by placing your Android device near the top-center of the Interface.

However, in some situations you may experience your device locking the screen instead of launching the app. This is due to the fact that your android device is designed to lock the screen if it senses a magnetic field in the right location. This design is to support flip cover phone cases, as the flip cover has a magnet in it that tells the screen to lock when the cover is on. We also use magnets in our Echo station faceplates to hold them on. This magnet is triggering the Android device to lock its screen.


  1. Do not swipe the Android device across the EchoAccess Interface. Hold it in position at the center or top-center of the unit.
  2. If still having issues, hold the device in a landscape fashion to further separate the faceplate magnets from the sensor on the Android device.
  3. If still having issues, remove the magnetic faceplate from the station temporarily or launch the app and connect through conventional methods.
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