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Sequence Steps with Hold Longer than 65 Seconds Will Not Play in Echo DMX Scene Controller


When creating a sequence for the Echo DMX Scene Controller using EchoAccess, the HOLD time is how many seconds the controller will play back that step, in seconds after fading up.  This can be 0-600 seconds.  In version 2.1.0 of DMX Scene Controller it was found that if the hold time was 66 seconds or longer, the step would play back indefinitely, never playing the next step.

This will be resolved in a future version of code.


For this example we will imagine that you need each step to play a preset for 90 seconds.

  1. Create a Step 1 which plays Preset 1 for 60 seconds hold.
  2. Create a Step 2 which plays Preset 1 for 30 seconds hold.
  3. Create a Step 3 which plays Preset 2 for 60 seconds hold.
  4. Create a Step 4 which plays Preset 2 for 30 seconds hold.

    In the above example, Preset 1 would play for 90 seconds in the space, and then fade to Preset 2.