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Sensor IQ 48 Channel Main Breaker and Main Fuse Options

If a 48-channel Sensor IQ panel is fed with a 400A feed, a 65kA breaker must be used. However, if you are feeding a Sensor IQ 48-channel panel with a 100A or 200A feed, the 22kA breakers are OK to use.

Below is a list of the Main Breaker kits and Main Fuse Kits offered by ETC.

Main Breaker Kits:

120v Panels:

Main Breaker options – 22kA
  • IQ-MB100A22K
  • Main Breaker: 120/208V, 100A, 22kA SCCR
  • IQ-MB200A22K
  • Main Breaker: 120/208V, 200A, 22kA SCCR
  • IQ-MB250A22K
  • Main Breaker: 120/208V, 250A, 22kA SCCR
  • IQ1-MB100A22K
  • Main Breaker: 120/240V, 100A, 22kA SCCR
  • IQ1-MB200A22K
  • Main Breaker: 120/240V, 200A, 22kA SCCR


Main Breaker options – 65kA
  • IQ-MB100A65K
  • Main Breaker: 120/208V, 100A, 65kA SCCR
  • IQ-MB200A65K
  • Main Breaker: 120/208V, 200A, 65kA SCCR
  • IQ-MB225A65K
  • Main Breaker: 120/208V, 225A, 65kA SCCR
  • IQ-MB400A65K
  • Main Breaker: 120/208V, 400A, 65kA SCCR
  • IQ1-MB400A65K
  • Main Breaker: 120/240V, 400A, 65kA SCCR

240/277v Panels:

  • IQ277-MB100
  • Main Breaker: 277/480V (240/415V), 100A
  • IQ277-MB200
  • Main Breaker: 277/480V (240/415V), 200A
  • IQ277-MB400
  • Main Breaker: 277/480V (240/415V), 400A

BE AWARE: 240v and 277v Main Breaker Kits serve as a disconnect only.  They do not increase series SCCR rating of the Sensor IQ panel. 

Main Fuse Kits:

120v Panels:

Main Fuse options – 65kA
  • IQ-MF1003P
  • Main Fuse: 120/208V, 100A, 65kA SCCR
  • IQ-MF2003P
  • Main Fuse: 120/208V, 200A, 65kA SCCR
  • IQ-MF1002P
  • Main Fuse: 120/240V, 100A, 65kA SCCR
  • IQ-MF2002P
  • Main Fuse: 120/240V, 200A, 65kA SCCR

240/277v Panels:

  • IQ277-MF200
  • Main Fuse Kit: 277/480V (240/415V), 200A, 65kA SCCR
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