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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Sensor IQ Breaker Handle Tie Kit


If you have a load for your Sensor IQ that requires 2 or 3 branch circuits but need a single point of disconnect, ETC offers a Sensor IQ Breaker Handle Tie Kit (Part number: CB1064) that allows you to connect the handles of (2) or (3) 1-pole relays together.  This enables you to maintain individual switching control via network, Echo, or DMX connection, but should maintenance be needed, or there is a wiring issue, both breakers can be manually disconnected together. 



BE AWARE: This is NOT to be used to connect (2) 1-pole breakers in order to make them into a single 2-pole breaker.  The relay control would not be connected in the same way as the handles, therefore making it possible to switch off only half of the voltage and can be damaging to the load equipment.  only a proper 2-pole relay should be used in this situation.

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