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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Sensor IQ Breaker Replacements

This information is valid as of 14 August 2019 and will be updated

ETC has been selling Sensor IQ since late 2015 and have seen three instances of a switching Sensor IQ breaker not acting as expected per our specifications. All three instances occurred during the installation process. After evaluation of the situation, ETC and our breaker manufacturer have decided the best thing for our customers is to replace all Sensor IQ breakers that have been installed. We have notified all our reps and dealers and provided them lists of venues that breakers were installed in. We have asked our dealers to collect contact information for all venues so that we can start the process of arranging replacements. Given the limited number of instances and only during installations involving Sensor IQ, we believe it is acceptable for customers to continue using any installed Sensor IQ breakers at their location. 

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