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Sensor IQ Green Breaker Signal Light Always On or Never On


The green signal indicator LED on my Sensor IQ breakers are always on/always off regardless of the state of the breaker.  


This is a Manufacturing issue with the SIQ Smartbreakers.  They use a magnet on the inside in conjunction with a sensor to determine the state of the relay.  The signal indicator gets its queue from this sensor: when the breaker is closed the Indicator should be lit green; when the breaker is open, the indicator should be off.  

A small percentage of the Smartbreakers were found to have an issue with the epoxy curing process that holds the magnet in the correct location.  In these breakers, the magnet would come loose, causing the sensor to incorrectly detect its position and report an unchanging signal indicator. This can also result in a Breaker Error on the Sensor IQ UI.  


If you are seeing this issue, please contact your ETC Technical Services.  

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