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Sensor IQ Smartbreaker Pin Out


The Sensor IQ Smartbreakers have 9 pins on the bottom that connect to the data communication bus within the rack.  These pins can be useful in determining if a breaker is malfunctioning or if an issue is originating elsewhere.  Please see the image and the explanations below.


SIQ Smartbreaker Pinout.png


Contacts function as follows:

  • +3.3V: provides DC power for the LED and internal electronics
  • Solenoid (-): The negative pole of the solenoid.  (See Section Below)
  • Solenoid (+): The positive pole of the solenoid.  (See Section Below)
  • Ground: Ground connection for the circuit.
  • Hall Sensor 1: Output from the first Hall Effect Sensor.
  • Hall Sensor 2: Output from the second Hall Effect Sensor.
  • Current XFMR: Measure the current flowing through the load.
  • ID1 and ID2: Pins for identifying 1-, 2-, and 3-pole breakers.  (See Chart Below)


ID Pins

The ID pins tell the Sensor IQ Processor the Breaker type.  Pins are either connected (resistance <1Ω) or open (resistance >30kΩ).

Breaker Type ID1-Ground ID2-Ground
No Breaker Connected Open  Open
1-Pole Open Connected
2-Pole Connected Open
3-Pole Connected Connected



The solenoid is a coil which can potentially fail in two ways, either by shorting or by going to an open circuit.

Measure the solenoid coil in resistance mode between the (+) and (-) (bounded by a red box in the photo)

  • A good coil should measure around 20-24Ω.
  • A shorted coil will measure 0-1Ω.
  • An open coil would measure as an open circuit.

NOTE: There is some natural variance in the product for the "good coil" measurements.  It is possible to see readings of 15-19Ω.  This is also an acceptable reading.

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