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MTPC/MTS Restarting After Updating to 2.4.0


  • MTPC/MTS  will reboot consistently after updating firmware to 2.4.0

Explanation of Issue

An issue has been identified with the 2.4.0 version of Designer, causing MTPCs to reset when idle. We believe this is caused by the activation of the proximity sensor when the backlight turns off after a period of inactivity. An updated software version with a fix will be released as soon as possible. In the meantime, please work around the issue by disabling proximity detection on your TPC - deselect the "Wake screen on proximity detection" option in the TPC's Screen properties.


  1. Select the touchscreen device in the Network Tab
  2. Navigate to controller properties
  3. Change the “Wake Screen on Proximity Detection” to off
  4. Upload the configuration


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