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Adding a TPC RIO to a Mosaic Project


I have a TPC-RIO  and need to add it to my Mosaic Project but it won't show up in the network tab of Mosaic Designer.


To add a TPC-RIO to your project, it must be connected to an MTPC via the TPC-POE port on the on the RIO. The TPC-RIO and controller share an IP address.
This a point-to-point connection meaning it must be a direct connection from TPC-POE to the MTPC, this connection cannot pass through a switch.
Once the MTPC is connected, the controller should show up in the network tab of Mosaic Designer.
Select the MTPC , navigate to the interfaces tab on right hand side of the workspace.
Choose "Configure TPC-RIO"

Configure TPC-RIO.png

Save and upload your project.
The device type should now change to MTPC + TPC-RIO in the network tab.



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