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How To Make an MTPC Button Lock and Unlock BPS Buttons


I would like to have a button on my Mosaic Tessera Panel Controller lock and unlock buttons on my Mosaic Button Station


This can be achieved by creating a dummy timeline that an MTPC button event toggles and a condition in the BPS button event that looks for that timeline being active to negate the button action.


  1. Add and patch a dummy fixture whose address does not talk to anyone in the real world
  2. Create a simple timeline for the dummy fixture, with the timeline holding at the end
  3. Create a Touch Button Event trigger with a 'Toggle Timeline' action for the dummy timeline
  4. Create BPS Button Event triggers for each button on the station
  5. For each BPS Button Event trigger, add a 'Timeline Onstage' condition and check the 'Negate' box
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