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1st Generation Mosaic BPS Stations


I have purchased a replacement BPS button station and the new button station will not sync or work with my existing Mosaic system.

Explanation of Issue

In the early production of Mosaic BPS hardware a flash chip on the PCB was changed. This change meant that any BPS station with a serial number above 004636 must used with firmware version 1.11.4 or above.

To further explain,

BPS hardware with serials in the following range,  S/N: 000001- 004635 , can work in any version of Mosaic Designer (1.x - 2.x)
BPS hardware with serials in the following range, S/N: 004636- Current, can only work in firmware versions 1.11.4 and above.


Any installation that runs into this issue should upgrade the system firmware to version 1.11.4 or greater, for sites that are able, ETC recommend upgrading to version 1.12.1.

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