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Can I Use Mosaic Designer with Pharos LPC?


You may have a Pharos branded device and wish to use Mosaic Designer software, rather than Pharos Designer software to configure it.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This can be done, but Mosaic firmware will need to be loaded into the device and then it will need a Mosaic file for configuration.  Additionally the WebUI of the controller may still show the Pharos logo.


  1. Connect the LPC to the network and open Mosaic Designer.
  2. On the network tab you should see your LPC (assuming your network is in the correct IP Schema)
  3. Download your configuration file from the Pharos LPC.  
  4. Save as to save the Pharos configuration file as a Mosaic configuration file.
  5. On the network tab, reload firmware to push the Mosaic firmware to the controller.
  6. Then upload the newly save Mosaic configuration to the processor.


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