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How to Set Levels (Turn on Dimmers Locally) in Smartlink DRd


If you control source fails, or you need to test a circuit, you may need to turn dimmers on from the local control of your rack, or as we call it, set levels.  From the Set Levels menu you can set levels in Smartlink Architectural Control Processors, and from the Release Set Levels menu you can clear them.


  1. Press the light bulb button.  clipboard_e4d853ae375dbb6e7b4d50e0a8dd2b344.png
  2. The screen will say Dimming Control and 1 Set Levels should be highlighted.  Press clipboard_ee51b6cd300432ed00574d55e32324d64.pngto advance.
  3. All configured dimmers will appear in the menu.  Use the number pad to select the circuits you wish to set.  You can use the and and thru buttons to make multiple selections at once.  When your selection is made, press clipboard_ee51b6cd300432ed00574d55e32324d64.pngto advance.
  4. Enter the level to which you would like to set the lights.  You can either type in a value or use the touch wheel to scroll up and down.  Press clipboard_ee51b6cd300432ed00574d55e32324d64.png to accept the level.
  5. When you are done, press the clipboard_ec8bf26409db2ba5bccd8ff0d6ad0defb.png to go back.  You will be prompted to either release set levels or leave them on. Releasing turns off local control and lets the rack listen to incoming control from stations or DMX again.

Set levels cannot be overridden by any outside control source.  In order to restore normal control, please choose "Release Set Levels." 


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