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SmartLink DRd Rack Interconnection

There is a topology issue to consider with SmartLink interconnected S-ACPs that can result in erratic system response to SmartLink commands.  This issue only affects systems with two or more S-ACPs on the SmartLink bus.  A single S-ACP connected via SmartLink to SmartPack, SmartSwitch, or CEM+ with SmartLink Power Supply functions normally.

When connecting multiple DRds with S-ACPs together using SmartLink (e.g. Belden 8471 or approved alternate), you need to adjust the termination jumpers in the secondary racks.  The DRd that houses the S-SPM should use the default HALF Lon Termination, and its S-ACP should be configured as station master.  The other DRds should not be configured as station masters, and their Lon Termination should be set to Off.

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