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What Settings Should I Choose on My Processor After Installing a Loaner Dimming Engine?


After installing a loaner dimming engine in a DRd Dimming Enclosure you may see a message on the processor telling you there is a dimming configuration mismatch.  This is because the dimming configuration is housed in the Dimming Engine and backed up in the processor.  We need to tell the Dimming Engine which configuration information to use in order to properly control your dimming system.  In this case we should use the processor's backup configuration, which will push the backup into the loaner.

First Step

After installing the loaner Dimming Engine and energizing the rack, the screen on the processor may read "Dimming Configuration Mismatch.  Use Dimming Rack Config?" Using the wheel on the processor, scroll down to "NO" and press enter (check mark).

Second Step

Now the processor will tell you that some configuration must be chosen.  Please scroll to "Use Backup ACP Config" and press enter.  A progress bar will appear as the configuration is passed form the processor to the dimming engine.

What's Next

Now your dimming system should work just as it did before the dimming engine failure.  Once your repair is completed and your unit is reinstalled you may need to repeat this process.

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