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3D File Formats Compatible with Augment3d

Preferred File Formats

The following file formats have been found to work optimally for import into Augment3d:

Format Description File Extension Augment3d Version Compatibility Augment3d Preferred Status
Collada .dae 1.0.0+ v1.0.0+
Collada .zae 1.0.0+ v1.0.0+
Autodesk FBX .fbx 1.0.0+ v1.0.0+
glTF v2 .glb 1.0.0+ v1.2.0+
glTF v2 .gltf 1.0.0+ v1.2.0+
Sketchup* .skp 1.0.0+ v1.2.1+
Note-Icon.png DAE files, also known as Collada files, are the optimal export format for Augment3d from AutoCAD and Vectorworks.

All Compatible Formats

The following file types are supported for import into Augment3d. Bolded file types are preferred. Types with an asterisk (*) have additional notes below.


Many of the file formats listed below require additional files that store some of the export data. These additional files need to be in the same relative place as when exported by the original application.

Format Description File Extension Augmented Version Compatibility
3D GameStudio Heightmap .hmp 1.0.0+
3mf .3mf 1.0.0+
AC3D .ac 1.0.0+
AC3D .acc 1.0.0+
AC3D .ac3d 1.0.0+
Additive manufacturing file .amf 1.0.0+
Assimp Binary .assbin 1.0.0+
Autodesk FBX .fbx 1.0.0+
BVH (MoCap) .bvh 1.0.0+
Blender 3D .blend 1.0.0+
BlitzBasic 3D .b3d 1.0.0+
CharacterStudio Motion (MoCap) .csm 1.0.0+
Collada .dae 1.0.0+
Collada .zae 1.0.0+
Direct3D XFile .x 1.0.0+
Discreet 3DS .3ds 1.0.0+
Discreet 3DS .prj 1.0.0+
Doom 3 / MD5 Mesh .md5mesh 1.0.0+
Doom 3 / MD5 Mesh .md5camera 1.0.0+
Doom 3 / MD5 Mesh .md5anim 1.0.0+
Drawing Interchange .dxf 1.0.0+
Extensible 3D .x3d 1.0.0+
Extensible 3D .x3db 1.0.0+
glTF* / glTF2* .glb 1.0.0+
glTF* / glTF2* .gltf 1.0.0+
Industry Foundation Classes .ifc 1.0.0+
Industry Foundation Classes .ifczip 1.0.0+
Industry Foundation Classes .stp 1.0.0+
Irrlicht Mesh Reader .irrmesh 1.0.0+
Irrlicht Mesh Reader .xml 1.0.0+
Irrlicht Scene Reader .irr 1.0.0+
Irrlicht Scene Reader .xml 1.0.0+
LightWave Scene .lws 1.0.0+
LightWave Scene .mot 1.0.0+
LightWave/Modo Object .lwo 1.0.0+
LightWave/Modo Object .lxo 1.0.0+
MMD .pmx 1.0.0+
Milkshape 3D .ms3d 1.0.0+
Nendo Mesh .ndo 1.0.0+
Neutral File .enff 1.0.0+
Neutral File .nff 1.0.0+
OFF .off 1.0.0+
Ogre3D Mesh .mesh 1.0.0+
Ogre3D Mesh .mesh.xml 1.0.0+
Open Game Engine Exchange .ogex 1.0.0+
Quake II Mesh .md2 1.0.0+
Quake III Package File .pk3 1.0.0+
Quake III Mesh .md3 1.0.0+
Quake Mesh / 3D GameStudio Mesh .mdl 1.0.0+
Quick3D .q3o 1.0.0+
Quick3D .q3s 1.0.0+
Raw .raw 1.0.0+
Return To Castle Wolfenstein Mesh .mdc 1.0.0+
Silo SIB .sib 1.0.0+
Sketchup* .skp 1.0.0+
Stanford Polygon Library .ply 1.0.0+
Stereolithography .stl 1.0.0+
Terragen Heightmap .ter 1.0.0+
TrueSpace Object .cob 1.0.0+
TrueSpace Object .scn 1.0.0+
Unreal Mesh .3d 1.0.0+
Unreal Mesh .uc 1.0.0+
Valve SMD .smd 1.0.0+
Valve SMD .vta 1.0.0+
Wavefront Object* .obj 1.0.0+

Format Notes:

  • SKP imports from SketchUp will include colors and models only, and exclude materials in Augment3d versions prior to 1.2.1 (Eos 3.1.1)
    • Objects will be imported single sided unless you assign the back a non-default material.
  • DXF files may not include material data.
  • glTF and glTF v2 .GLTF files usually require an additional .BIN file for geometry data in the same location as the .GLTF file for import.
  • .OBJ files require a .MTL file to define materials. If it is not present, the default material will be used instead

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