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ColorSource Console will not Read USB Drive Consistently


When trying to use a User Library or Update the console software, the ColorSource console doesn't appear to see the USB drive, but Exporting and Importing seem to work correctly on the console. The exported show doesn't show up when viewing contents of the USB drive on a computer.

Explanation of Issue

In addition to making sure that your USB drive is FAT/FAT32 formatted, be sure to check that your USB drive doesn't have multiple partitions. EFI partitions that are available on some (usually more advanced) USB drives can be listed as the first partition which is what ColorSource sees to read/write. Computers tend to ignore this partition as a system partition so the files you save end up in a second or later partition that is not visible to the ColorSource console.


  1. Either use a USB drive without partitions or use a disk formatting utility to remove partitions from the USB drive.

Formatting a USB drive will erase all contents of the USB. Be sure to backup important data before initiating the format operation.

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