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Downloading ColorSource Console Software Using macOS


When downloading and expanding the "" file, it extracts a folder titled "ETC_CS_Console_X.X.X.X" instead of a file titled "ETC_CS_Console_X.X.X.X.fw". If you open that file, you will see a variety of .dtb file extensions.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Some versions of macOS will incorrectly interpret .fw files as .zip files and automatically extract them. Once a .fw has been extracted, it cannot be re-compressed into a .fw file.


  1. Delete any folders titled "ETC_CS_Console_X.X.X.X".
  2. Launch Spotlight Search by pressing "⌘+space"
  3. Type "Archive Utility" and hit enter.


  1. Once in Archive Utility, click on "Archive Utility" in the menu bar and navigate to "Preferences..."


  1. Uncheck "Keep expanding if possible"


  1. Close Archive Utility.
  2. Double-Click on and it will extract ETC_CS_Console_X.X.X.X.fw.



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