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Intensity drops on preset playback for ColorSource Console recorded presets


In ColorSource and EchoTouch software v2.6 - 3.1, a Preset is recorded with outputs at 100%, but when it is played back, the intensity shows as 99%.  Inspecting DMX output shows them to be less than 255.

Description/Explanation of Issue

When recording a preset using a direct emitter value, the UI shows 100% before the preset record, but then when the preset is played back, the intensity only shows 99%.  This is due to an error with rounding in the underlying code.




clipboard_e1164ea9b98e135da252ae597dbbc6a66.png clipboard_e5ba74f175a452a9877de6bdc8ab74a65.png


This bug will be fixed in ColorSource / EchoTouch software v3.1.1 when released.


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