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Error when Imaging Cobalt 10


Click here for the article regarding "What is a UCB vs pre-UCB console?"


While using the ETConsole Image drive, I received an error on the "ETC Automated Console Setup" screen. 

The Error reads: 

"Could not install software automatically.  No server configuration file loaded."


The console cannot find the files it needs on the image drive.  The Image drive needs to be plugged into a specific USB port.  To resolve this, please follow the steps below.


  1. Remove the USB Image drive from the console.
  2. Insert the USB Image drive into the back center port of the console.  See Image below.
    1.   clipboard_ebac620f1b67bc7e53105d458df531b19.png
  3. The console should clear the error and continue the imaging process.

**If the console does not continue with the Imaging process, or the USB Image drive is already in the correct USB port, please contact ETC Technical Services.


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