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Windows 7 Compatible External Touchscreens for Eos and Cobalt Family

The Gio lighting control console was the first console in the Eos Family to use a different embedded operating system (Windows 7e) which can support a wider variety of touchscreen options. The Eos Titanium, Net3 RVI3, and Eos RPU3, Gio @5, some Ion and Element consoles, Ion Xe, Ion Xe RPU, ETCnomad Puck, and Element 2 also support these wider variety of touchscreens.  For information on which Ions and Elements are running Win 7e vs XPe see What version of Windows is my Ion running?

(For information on touchscreens for older Eos Family consoles, please see this support article: Touchscreen Monitors).

Since it is impossible to test all touchscreens for use with these devices, use the following criteria in selecting monitors:

  1. The monitor must meet the minimum resolution requirements (See also: General Monitor Information). This is currently 1280x1024 for the Eos Family. Widescreen monitors are supported, but ensure that each dimension meets or exceeds the minimum specified.
  2. The touchscreen must be labeled as Compatible with Windows 7, and have the Compatible with Windows 7 logo in the product information.
  3. Touchscreens may be multi-touch or single point touch. With version 2.0.0 and higher, multi-touch monitors can be used with the magic sheet function. Touchscreens can have several points of touch (as long it is Compatible with Windows 7 certified, any number of touches should be fine). At the time of this writing, magic sheets currently use up to three-point touches.
  4. The touchscreen must not require installing additional drivers.
  5. The touchscreen should have a VGA, DVI, or Display Port connection, and the touch interface should connect via USB. (The Gio has three DVI-I connectors on the back, which can be adapted to VGA on some modules, and 3 Display Port connector on the back for other models.)

The Elo monitors that are used with other Eos Family consoles (AccuTouch, 5 wire resistive, with a USB interface, minimum 1280x1024 resolution) are supported. However, the TouchKit monitors, as sometimes originally provided with Eos and Ion, are not compatible.

As you encounter particular touchscreen models, please let us know what does and does not work for you by sending an email to: service etcconnect com

Compatible Touchscreens

Include, if possible, the following information:

  • Name/Description
  • Seller of Touchscreen
  • Manufacturer of Touchscreen
  • Date of Purchase
  • Model Number
  • Part Number
  • Multi-touch or single point touch?
  • Did it work?
  • Was this article helpful?