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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Console Registration Thank You Gifts


As a thank-you for purchasing and registering consoles in the Eos and Congo / Cobalt families, ETC provides a gift.  At the inception of Eos and Congo-Family consoles, this gift was a Client Dongle that allowed a user to connect a PC as a Client to those consoles. In 2009, this promotion was changed. Now, only flagship console registrations (Eos Ti, Gio, Gio @5 Cobalt 10 and Cobalt 20) receive an ETCnomad dongle when registering their console. All others receive a blank USB drive.

* ETC reserves the right to cancel or alter this promotion at any time without notice. Only 1 registration per console is allowed.

Here is the list of the current registration gifts by console:

Console Gift
Apex 5, Apex 10 and Apex 20 ETCnomad Base Dongle
Eos Ti ETCnomad Base Dongle
Gio ETCnomad Base Dongle
Gio @5 ETCnomad Base Dongle
Ion Xe, Ion Xe 20 USB Drive
Element USB Drive
ColorSource USB Drive
ColorSource AV USB Drive
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