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Congo Consoles - Cobalt v8.0+ Console Software Compatibility


  • Cobalt version 8.0 software and above is not compatible with Congo hardware running the Windows XPe operating system. This includes all Congo senior consoles and some Congo Jr and Congo Kid consoles.
  • In all cases, when the installer discovers an XPe OS on a device, it will indicate the version is not compatible and cancel the installation process. The existing installation will not be harmed or changed in any way - the console will return to its previous operational state.
  • Congo Sr. consoles are only Windows XPe and cannot install version 8.0 or newer software versions. Congo Sr. cannot be upgraded to Windows 7. 
  • Congo Jr. and Kid consoles running a Windows XPe image (single Ethernet connector on the back) cannot install version 8.0 software or newer software versions.

Congo Jr. and Congo Kid Windows XPe consoles previously could be upgraded to Windows 7, however that program ended on March 31, 2021. Additional information about what that upgrade entailed and features offered on Windows 7 consoles can be found in the following articles:

Congo Jr Windows 7 Upgrade Eligibility

Congo Kid Windows 7 Upgrade Eligibility


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