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Using Direct Selects on Congo Jr. without a Master Playback Wing

One of the features of the Jr. is the built-in LCD. By pressing either of the four [Direct Select] buttons in the upper left corner of the main console, you can place the LCD into Direct Select mode. The four keys along the left column allow you to change which type of direct selects are being shown, and the row of keys across the top of the LCD allows you to select a given Direct Select from that bank.

To choose which type is being displayed on a direct select, press and hold the corresponding button from the left column, and the LCD will then display the different types in a row. Press a button along the top row above the desired type to have that direct select bank show items of that type. The default will show items 1-10 of that type, but you can select other ranges of 10 up through 100. To display items 31-40, press and hold the button next to the [10] key along the top row, and then press the key corresponding to items 31-40.

So let's say you wanted to put setup your direct select banks for the following items:

  • Bank 1 - Groups 1-10
  • Bank 2 - Groups 11-20
  • Bank 3 - Color 1-10
  • Bank 4 - Screen 1-10

You would press the top direct select button and while holding it, also press the button the LCD corresponding to the type Groups, which will happen to be the [6] key.

Repeat that for the second direct select button from the top. Then press and hold the key to the right of the [10] key, and press [2], which corresponds to 11-20.

Then the third and fourth bank are essentially the same as the first, but with different types selected.

Now, without using a Master Playback wing, you can quickly access direct selects for Groups 1-20, Colors 1-10, and Screen Layouts 1-10.

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