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Focus Wand feature not showing up in aRFR or iRFR


I want to remote control Augment3d in aRFR / iRFR using my Android or Apple device, but the Focus Wand feature is not showing up in the App under ML Controls.


First, make sure your device meets the technical requirements as per the Eos manual:

A3D app requirements.jpg

Also, make sure the latest version of aRFR / iRFR is installed on your device.

Other things to know:

  1. Focus Wand will only show up in the App's ML Controls after the Augment3d Tab (Tab 38) has been opened at least once on the console your device is connected to as a remote. Tab 38 can be closed thereafter if not needed on the console. This resets after a console reboot.
    1. Focus wand is not available when Augment3d is open on a Tether that is in a different network Subnet than your device.
  2. Your App's About screen will state if your device supports the necessary "Augmented Reality" feature or not:

    aRFR Augment3d ready.png