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Why does running a shutdown macro from iRFR require confirmation on the console?


I have a shutdown macro that, if fired from the console, doesn't require confirmation. However, if I try to fire it from iRFR, I have to confirm it on the console before it will shutdown, defeating the purpose of having it available on iRFR.

Explanation of Issue

This is related to the User number. Different User numbers allow you to program separately within the same network. If the User number is the same on connected devices as on the Master console, those devices are treated as extensions of the Master, instead.


  1. In the iRFR app, tap the cogwheel to edit your connection settings.
  2. Change the User ID setting from Auto or Custom to Console, so the user number matches the one on your board.
  3. Now, the shutdown macro should work from iRFR without any additional confirmation on the console.
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