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Cannot Patch CueSpiders to CueSystem Desk


When setting up CueSystem, you can select the MAC address of a Desk in the dropdown in the Patch menu, but the channels remain dark and CueSpiders cannot be patched to them. The software reports the device as "offline" even if it is discoverable via Device Discovery and properly configured.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Each CueSystem Desk has a facepanel PCB for every set of 4 channels on the device. A 4-channel desk will have 1 facepanel PCB, an 8-channel desk will have 2, and a 12-channel desk will have 3. These PCBs are connected to each other as well as the unit's motherboard in a daisy-chain with ribbon cables. The Desk will identify its available channels by checking for these PCBs, so if the ribbon cables are not connected, the channels will not be patchable and the device will report as offline.

A CueSystem Desk motherboard with the ribbon cable disconnected. The ribbon cable is circled in blue, while the port it should be plugged into is circled in red.


  1. Remove the rear cover of the CueSystem Desk by removing all screws from the outside of the unit.
  2. Check the channel PCBs as well as the motherboard PCB for their ribbon cables. Reconnect them if they are disconnected, or reseat them if they appear to be connected. The ribbon cables are keyed, so they cannot be connected the wrong way around.
  3. Reinstall the rear cover and test the unit. Contact ETC Technical Services if the device continues to behave incorrectly.
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