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Updating CueSystem Desks and CueSpiders


- PC or Laptop with Updaterator and current firmware
- PoE switch
- Ethernet cables

Update Process

  1. Connect PC or laptop to the PoE switch with the CueSystem setup
  2. Run Updaterator. The CueSystem hardware connected to the PoE switch should take about a minute to all show up
    1. If there are multiple Ethernet adapters or WiFi enabled, select the Ethernet adapter that is connected to the PoE switch when Updaterator asks
  3. Either click Update and select All to force an update to all CueSystem hardware on the network, Upgrade to upgrade only the hardware that does not match the firmware version in Updaterator, or individually select any desired CueSystem hardware in the left panel, then click Update
  4. CueSpiders will take approximately three minutes to fully update. CueSystem desks will take up to ten minutes to fully update. Do not remove power or unplug any Ethernet cables until the process completes!
    1. If the CueSpider does not update, there may be a problem in the firmware. The CueSpider will still be usable, but will not be able to updated. If this occurs, please contact ETC Technical Services.
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