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Emphasis Menus Have Disappeared


The menu bar in Emphasis has disappeared.

What causes it:

You can grab and move the menu bar so it is in a separate window. If that window gets moved off the screen, you can't grab it back.


To get the menu bar back, you will have to edit the registry in Windows. Here are the steps for doing that.

Step 1)
Log out of Emphasis and Log in as System Manager. You don't need to open the Emphasis program.

Step 2)
Hit [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Del] to bring up the Windows Task Manager. Click the New Task button and type in regedit and click ok to open the Registry Editor.

Step 3)
In the Registry Editor, go to software, Cast Lighting, Emphasis, Build, delete everything in the Build folder. There may be multiple folders in Build. Make sure to delete them all.

Step 4)
Once that is done, you can exit out of System Manager and log into Emphasis. The menu bar should be back.

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