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Emphasis Terms and Definitions

Emphasis Control System Terms & Definitions

AppMux: (Software) The Net2 application that allows multiple Net2 applications to run on the
same machine. This is invisible to the user.

DLL: (Buried Code) The transport layer that allows Emphasis Visualization and Emphasis Console
applications to work together. Also invisible to the user.

ECS: (Requisite TLA) It means Emphasis Control System. It is used intermittently when referring
to something that is specifically Emphasis related. This is also the file extension of a complete
Emphasis showfile (myshow.ecs)

Emphasis Console: The ETC portion of the Emphasis software that drives the face-panel. It is
mostly hidden to the user; however, this is the portion of the code that outputs DMX. It looks like
Expression Off-Line.

Emphasis Control System Recovery Disk: (Software CD's--set of 2) Full Emphasis Server
installation (used for software upgrades and restoration of original installation) It includes and
rewrites the entire C: drive with Emphasis, NCE, and all other Net2 applications. Note: this install
also includes Windows XP. There is also the option to rewrite the entire hard drive (C: and D:

Emphasis Face-panel: (Hardware) Expression family style console running Emphasis software.
This could include Expression 2x, 3, or ECS; Insight 2x, 3, or ECS; or any Express.

Emphasis Server: (Hardware) Computer with Emphasis software installed.

Emphasis Visualization: (Software) The Cast portion of the Emphasis software. It is the primary
user interface on the Emphasis Server.

Express xx/xx ECS: (Hardware) Top level part for and Express Face-panel shipping with an
Emphasis system. The only difference between this and a regular Express is the software that it
ships with. Emphasis Face-panel code is installed and added to the Accessory Kit.

Expression ECS: (Hardware) Also known as Expression with Emphasis. It is the black
Expression Face-panel.

Insight ECS: (Hardware) Also known as Insight with Emphasis. It's the black Insight face-panel.

Watchdog: (Buried Code) This application monitors Visualization, Console, and DLL and notifies
the user if any portion has crashed. This is also the application that automatically logs the
Emphasis user in and out. Also invisible to the user.

Emphasis/WYSIWYG Programming Terms and Definitions

Design Tools: New WYG tools that give ready access to Color, Gobos, Intensity, etc. in
Visualization. These are available in the Emphasis Mode, under Design.

Emphasis Console Buttons Toolbar: User definable buttons. These can be configured to be any
button on the console/face-panel as well as Macro 1-999.

Emphasis Toolbar: Live, Blind and Preview access. Also Record and Update.

Mode: The buttons across the top of the application (Emphasis, CAD, Data, etc.)

Shortcut Bar: The Outlook Bar on the left side that can be populated with user definable

Tab: The options across the bottom of each mode with different views and functions available.

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