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WRFU IPAQ 5500 Setup Instructions

Setup the Wireless Network

When you turn the Pocket PC on for the first time you may be asked to follow some initial configuration instructions. Once you have configured your Pocket PC you can continue with the installation instructions.

Install Active Sync software:

Step 1: The Active Sync software is provided with your Pocket PC. Follow the instructions provided with your Pocket PC for the installation of Active Sync on your personal computer.
Step 2: At the Setup a Partnership screen, setup a “Guest” partnership.

Configure the wireless LAN adapter card:

Step 1: Your Pocket PC has an internal wireless LAN adapter card
Step 2: Set the IP address for the card to an address within the following range:

  • to

Step 3: Set the Subnet Mask to
Step 4: Set the Gateway address to the IP address of your WAP on networks without a router. On routed networks, set this to

5500 Specific instructions:

To use WLAN on your iPAQ Pocket PC, you need to turn on WLAN and set up your device.

To turn the WLAN on or off:

  1. From the Today screen, tap Start iPAQ Wireless.
  2. Tap the WLAN icon.

If the WLAN is powered on, the WLAN icon will turn from orange to green and the Wireless LAN indicator will flash green to indicate WLAN is on and connected or flash amber to indicate WLAN is on and not connected.

If the WLAN is powered off, the WLAN icon will turn from green to orange.

A wireless network can be added either when the network is detected (the Network Indicator icon is showing in the Navigation bar) or manually by entering setting information.

To manually add a wireless network:

  1. Be sure the WLAN is powered on.
  2. Tap the Connections icon ( or ) > Settings >Advanced tab > Network Card button > Wireless tab >Add New Settings.
  3. Tap the General tab and enter a network name (SSID).
  4. In the Connects to: box, select where your network connects to Work.

To change TCP/IP Settings:

  1. Contact your ISP or network administrator to determine your IP address, subnet mask, and/or default gateway (if needed).
  2. Be sure the WLAN is powered on.
  3. Tap the Connections icon > Settings Advanced tab >Network Card button > Network Adapters tab.
  4. In the My network card connects to... dropdown box, tap either The Internet or Work.
  5. In the Tap an adapter to modify settings box, tap iPAQ USB Wireless Adapter.
  6. Tap the IP Address tab.
  7. Tap Use specific IP address and enter the requested information.
  8. Tap OK to save your settings.

Configure the WAP Network Settings

You will need to set the following:

  • IP Address - each WAP must have a unique IP Address within the range of to
  • Gateway - set the gateway to the same value as the IP address on each WAP on networks without a router.
  • Subnet Mask - set the subnet mask to on each WAP.
  • SSID - tsunami


Install WRFU Software

To install the WRFU software on your Pocket PC, you can use the SD card if your Pocket PC has an SD card slot, or you can place your Pocket PC in the docking cradle/battery charger and synchronize to your personal computer using the Active Sync software.

Install WRFU Software from CD:

Step 1: Put the WRFU Installation CD-ROM in the CD drive of your personal computer.
Step 2: Open the CD and browse to the WRFU Setup 4.1 file.
Step 3: Right-click the WRFU Setup 4.1 file and click Copy.
Step 4: Connect your Pocket PC to your personal computer via the docking cradle/battery charger.
Step 5: When the Active Sync application window appears on the Pocket PC, tap the Explore button.
Step 6: Open the Mobile Device folder.
Step 7: Paste the WRFU Setup 4.1 file into the Mobile Device folder.
Step 8: In the Pocket PC Start menu, tap Programs.
Step 9: Tap File Explorer.
Step 10: Tap My Documents.
Step 11: Tap WRFU Setup 4.1 to complete the installation.
Step 12: Cycle power on the Pocket PC for changes to take effect.

Install WRFU software from an SD card:

Step 1: Insert the SD card into the slot in the Pocket PC.
Step 2: Using File Explorer, open the SD card.
Step 3: Tap the file WRFU Setup 4.1.
Step 4: Cycle power on the Pocket PC for changes to take effect.

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