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Drive Detection Error When Installing ETCNomad Pixel Map Content


Using the Pixel Map Installer for ETCNomad on PC results in the following error: "InstallShield encountered a drive detection error and is unable to proceed. (Item Reference: RND 0013263)." Installing as Administrator does not resolve the issue.

Description/Explanation of Issue

If the Pixel Map Installer detects a D: drive or partition on your computer, it will assume it's being installed on a console and attempt to write the files to the D: drive instead of the C: drive. This will typically fail, resulting in the error. To work around the issue, the files must be put in place manually.


  1. Download the media content here.
  2. Locate and navigate to your media archive. This can be done by clicking the "Show Folder" icon next to the Media Archive Path option in the General tab of the ETCNomad shell settings.
  3. Extract the content to that folder. When done correctly, you should have folders 000 through 255 inside the folder--they should not be in another MediaArchive folder.
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