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"Unable to Start Multiconsole Networking Services" Error When Using Eos as Client or Backup


I'm running ETCnomad on a PC and when I click on Client or Backup I get an error that states it's Unable to Start Multiconsole Networking Services. It then has a "Start Anyway" button which goes into Client or Backup, but it will be unable to locate any master console.

Explanation of Issue

This occurs when ETCnomad is running, but the Service Location Protocol (SLP) service in Windows is not, or is otherwise inaccessible by ETCnomad. You can follow instructions in Troubleshooting Net3 Discovery to determine if SLP is running on your PC and if another process might be blocking access to that service. If you try to start the SLP service and Windows provides an error that "The Windows could not start service on local computer Error 5 Access is denied", which implies the service isn't installed. If you receive this error try the solution below.


Close ETCnomad, and re-run the ETCnomad installer by right-clicking the file and choosing "Run as Administrator." Enter the Admin password if prompted. When it asks to choose between Repair or Uninstall, choose Repair. After finishing the installation, open ETCnomad and click on either Client or Backup. If you do not receive the error about multiconsole networking services then you can proceed with locating the master and connecting.

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