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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Desk Lamp Light Level Not Holding the Correct Value on Element 2


When adjusting the desk lamps light level, the intensity of the light will change to user adjusted level and then jump to ≈ half intensity.

Description/Explanation of Issue

ETC has found in some instances that the desk lamps light level is not updating properly. The input pin for the dimmer pot on the I/O cards microprocessor is not used and without reference can interpret the incidental data on the pin.


  1. Place a jumper (ETC part number J115-f) on pins 1 and 2 of the "dimmer pot" connector on the I/O PCB.
  2. Pin 1 is indicated by a ▲ on the silk screen.  


                     BEFORE                                                          AFTER

Before.jpg          After.jpg



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