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Eos TI Console Powers On As Soon As Power is Applied


Console begins power up sequence as soon as it is plugged into power, without pressing the power button.  

Console shuts down properly and powers back up with the power button, but if unplugged and plugged back in, will power up immediately without the power button being pressed.

Explanation of Issue

This is a potential occurrence with the Pre-UCB version of the console (click here for UCB vs Pre-UCB info).  This is not an issue of which you should be concerned, as it is not a sign of other problems, or future problems with the console.  As a workaround, you can plug it into power, wait for it to power on, and then power off. It will remain powered off until the power button is pressed or until it is unplugged and replugged.  Alternatively, you can turn off the power supply switch on the back of the console next to the power cable until you are ready for the console to power on.  

If your console is not a Pre-USB console, and is a UCB version of the hardware (DisplayPort video ports only), please contact ETC Technical Services or your favorite ETC service Center.


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