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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

What is the Difference Between Eos Ti Enhanced and Original Eos Ti

In 2018 ETC made some major changes to the Eos Ti Console.  We called this updated version the "Enhanced Version."

The non-enhanced Eos Ti base output count was part number 4350A1010 and had three DVI ports on the back.  We changed to a newer motherboard with three display port connectors, and this was part number 4350A1110.

The enhanced Eos Ti with base output count is part number 4350A1210.

Ti Enhanced cannot be downgraded below v2.5.0 due to facepanel hardware incompatabilities. 


When we enhanced Eos Ti we made the following changes:

The 17" internal touch screens were changed out for 18" displays with a better viewing angle.  The maximum resolution remains 1980x1020.

The 7" encoder touch screen was changed out for a 9" screen.

All internal circuit boards are now made in house.  This means the fader bumps, half moon buttons, and face panel all changed to different circuit boards and their physical buttons were changed to Cherry buttons. 

Face panel and display panel metal were changed to accommodate these new boards and the larger displays. 

The encoders were changed to match those being used in Gio @5.  These newer encoders have buttons in the center, where as the old encoders were buttons in and of themselves.

The I/O card was changed to having four DMX ports and no MIDI, just like the Gio @5.  Original Eos Ti's have two DMX ports and two MIDI ports.

Thumb rests (area surrounding the level and rate wheels) were changed to a plastic molded part.