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Key Cap Changes on Gio and Other Eos Family Consoles

From time to time during Eos Family software releases, there have been changes to the physical keys (a.k.a "hard keys") on the console that require replacement key caps to be sent for existing consoles. Below is a summary of the changes with the associated software version.

At one point, all consoles changed from having flat keycaps to curvy keys. If your console still has flat keycaps (with beveled edges) instead of curved edges, please see the update request link below.

Does it look like your console is missing some updates? 
You can request the appropriate keycaps by sending an email to your local ETC customer services office with your name, organization, shipping address, phone number, console type, and console serial number.

Version 3.0.0

All Windows 7 Based Consoles
The Scroll Lock key was replaced with a Stage key to facilitate entry to Staging Mode.  Since there are a variety of consoles with different key types, we have developed a tool to allow you to determine which key you need.  Please visit our Keycap Replacement Selector.  Please note this tool is only for the Stage key and not the keys listed below.

Is My Console XPe or Windows 7?

Version 2.1.0

  • Element
    The Element console gained the ability to use Tabs. The Tab key replaced the Swap key. The console's Browser key changed to Displays, matching the rest of the console family.

Version 1.9.11


Softkeys 1 through 6 (S1 - S6) were replaced with encoder category keys.

In order from left to right: 

Old:    S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6
New: Intensity Focus Color Shutter Image Form

Related document: Gio Keycap Upgrade Kit 4240M2300 RevA.pdf

Version 1.9.8

  • Eos
    A Shift key and Address/Patch key were added to the console. Shift replaced the Follow/Hang key, and the Address/Patch key was inserted in the blank key to the left of the Help button (top row).
  • Ion
    A Shift key was added to the console. Shift replaced the Follow/Hang key.To access Follow/Hang on an Ion, you can press [Shift]+[Delay] to access Follow and [Shift]+[Delay][Delay] to access Hang. It is also a softkey when a cue is on the command line.
  • Element
    A Shift key was added to the console. Shift replaced the Delay key. The Delay key was bumped up one row to replace the Follow key. To access Follow on an Element, you can press [Shift] + [Delay] to access Follow. It is also a softkey when a cue is on the command line.  
  • Related Document: Eos Family Shift Key Replacement 4250M2310 Rev.A

Version 1.9.6

Version 1.9.0

Version 1.4.0

  • Eos
    The Eos console changed two keys - the Relate key (directly above the Mark key) was replaced with the High/Low key, and the blank key next to Relate  was replaced with Fan. The Relate function was not yet implemented in software when changed.
  • Related Document: Eos-Ion Lighting Control Family Software v.1.4.0 


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