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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Gio@5 Master Playback Stops Responding

In April 2017, we discovered a number of Gio@5 units in the field had failing master playback PCBs. The report was that the Go button and master fader pair weren’t working, or that the playback control buttons (half-moon/eyelash keys next to the master fader pair) didn’t respond. Our analysis showed that the units were all shipped in roadcases and that the master playback (which hosts both the faders and the half-moon keys) had some abrasions on the bottom. We concluded that flexing while inside the roadcase caused a screw in the keyboard tray to rub against the PCB, causing damage and eventually a failure. The deviation used in forward production removed this screw, shown below, to prevent damage. All Gio@5s that come in for repair should have this screw removed. A long term fix revises the keyboard tray metal to remove this screw hole entirely. If you see a console in this condition, check the underside of the master playback unit.