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Calibration of Gio @5 Internal Touchscreens

If you suspect any internal touch screen issues, please see this troubleshooting guide.  Touch screen issues are almost always a failure of the display itself.

The internal touchscreens on Gio, Ti, Cobalt 10, and Cobalt 20 do NOT need to be calibrated because the calibration is set by the display manufacturer in the touch screen control card of the display. If the screen doesn't respond well in some regions, contact ETC Technical Services. Updated firmware and settings for the display can help this issue (this can be applied on a factory repair bench), or internal components on the screen may have experienced a failure (requiring repair).

Calibration is still possible for external Elo touchscreens with the "Calibrate Elo External Touchscreen" button found in the General tab of the shell (this has been removed in Vsn3.0)

If your touch screen IS responding, but is appearing on the incorrect screen (usually this only happens after a reimage), go to the monitor arrangement menu and select "Configure Touchscreens".  All screens will appear white with one of them instructing you to touch this screen.  After doing so, it will instruct you to hit enter and will continue in the same manner on the next screen.  If you have non-touch displays connected, simply click the mouse on screen and/or hit enter to skip those when instructed.


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