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Five Long Beeps When Booting Up Gio @5


When I boot up my console, it makes its usual series of chirps, but after that, it makes 5 long beeps at a lower tone.


The motherboards ETC uses in the Windows 10 variety of Element 2, Ion Xe, Ion Xe 20, Gio @5, Ion Xe RPU, Eos RPU3, Net3 RVI3 and Eos Remote Interface may occasionally produce 5 low beeps when it first starts up but boots fine after that.

If your device is indeed running Windows 10 (see What Version of Windows is my Console Running?), and it does boot fine, there's not much to worry about. The 5 beeps indicate that the motherboard does not detect any video output devices. The motherboard is likely booting too fast to realize monitors are connected.

If your Windows 10 device is making those 5 beeps and NOT booting properly, please Contact ETC Technical Services.


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