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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Motor fader display change


Starting about August or September of 2021, Gio@5 motor fader screens and Eos Motor Fader Wings were built using a new screen (PN 4390A2001) that was slightly thicker than the old one (PN DS195-F).  The extra clamping force from the brackets inside may cause backlight bleeding and light spots in the corners (touch function isn't enabled in the Eos application). We have not yet had any reports of issues in the field, so this is only written out of an abundance of caution and to document a known issue.  As of 2/18/22, the issue has been addressed in production moving forward.  This can be resolved by simply removing the screen and installing washers under the brackets, but it should only be attempted by a qualified technician because there are very delicate connectors and cables involved.  Please contact ETC Technical services or your local dealer if you are having issues.