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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Desk Lamp Light Level Not Holding the Correct Value on Ion Xe


When adjusting the desk lamps light level, the intensity of the light will change to user adjusted level and then jump to ≈ half intensity.

Description/Explanation of Issue

ETC has found in some instances that the desk lamps light level is not updating properly. The input pin for the dimmer pot on the I/O cards microprocessor is not used and without reference can interpret the incidental data on the pin.


  1. Place a jumper (ETC part number J115-f) on pins 1 and 2 of the "dimmer pot" connector on the I/O PCB.
  2. Pin 1 is indicated by a ▲ on the silk screen.  


                     BEFORE                                                          AFTER

Before.jpg          After.jpg



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