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Eos Fader Wing LEDs do not power on


Buttons and faders behave as expected while the LEDs associated with them do not power on. This occurs in sets of twenty (10 on top, 10 on bottom)

Face panel test.png            LEDs off.jpg

Description/Explanation of Issue

This occurs when an unlabeled digital fader is adjusted to 0 in the ION XE Fader Board face panel test and then the [Save Persistent Settings] button is pressed.

Face panel test.png            1Face panel test.png


From the shell, go into [Settings] > [Maintence] > [Face Panel Test] and select "ION XE Fader Board" along the top (*note* there may be more than one depending on console / fader wing style).

Adjust the unlabeled digital fader from 255 to anything below 255 and then back again to 255. Press the [Save Persistent Settings] button.

20190906_153243.jpg          20190906_153117.jpg          sps.jpg


Test the LEDs by pressing buttons on the fader wing.




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