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Programming or Fader Wing Power Connection is Unreliable


A Programming Wing, Standard Fader Wing, or Motor Fader Wing does not have a solid power connection. Bumping the wing or wiggling the power connector, even when screwed in place, may cause the wing to power off or reboot. This does not apply to Universal Fader Wings or Congo Playback Wings.

Description/Explanation of Issue

As shown below, the post in the center of the wing's power jack is a split pin. Repeatedly unplugging and plugging in the power to the wing can, over time, press the two halves of the pin together, causing it to make a bad connection to the power supply connector.

power connector pin

Above: The center post in the programming and fader wing power connector.


  1. Disconnect both the power and USB connection to the wing.
  2. Use a flat head jewelers' screwdriver (or other thin, flat object such as the tip of a knife) to gently and slightly pry the pin apart. The two sides of the pin should be parallel to each other and have about a millimeter of space between them.
  3. Reconnect power and USB and gently wiggle the power connector to test the connection. Repeat steps 1 and 2 if necessary.