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Some Keys Feel Squishy on Programming Wing Face Panel


Some of the keys feel squishy when pressed, not clicky like the others.

Explanation of Issue

Eos family face panels use elastomer light blockers around the switches to prevent light bleed to other keys. These light blockers can sometimes get loose in shipping.

If they did get knocked loose in shipping, repeatedly tapping that key can usually force the light blocker back in place.

If repeatedly tapping that key does not resolve the issue, the light blocker may be in the incorrect orientation.


  1. Repeatedly tap the key to attempt to force the light blocker back in place.
  2. If that doesn't work, use a keycap puller to remove the keycap from the problem key.
    1. If you are in need of a keycap puller, Contact ETC Technical Services to request ETC PN I503 and mention this article.
  3. Inspect the elastomer light blocker. There should be two bump-outs on either side of the blocker.
  4. These bumps should be on the left and right of the keycap, not the top and bottom.
  5. Re-orient the light blocker if necessary.


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