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Universal Fader Wing Upgrades for Use with Windows 7 Ion Consoles

Why would a wing need to be upgraded?

If you have an older Universal fader wing or Congo/Cobalt Master Playback Wing (without an orange USB connector on the back), your fader wing setup may change if your console was upgraded to Windows 7.

Specifically, you would need to follow the connection guidelines for a USB 2.0 console listed in the Fader Wing Setup guide. The fader wing cannot be docked directly, and instead would need to be run with a separate USB cable to the console or pass through a USB 1.1 hub. 

Can my wing be upgraded?

Older fader wings may be upgraded to USB 2.0 to avoid the need for a USB hub.

1 x 20 Universal Fader Wings cannot be upgraded, and should not need an upgrade as they cannot be docked.
Congo/Cobalt Master Playback Wings cannot be upgraded.

Wing Retrofit Kits are still available despite the Windows 7 Upgrade program ending 31-Mar, 2021.

Part Number Retrofit Kit
4310A1002 2x10 Univeral Fader Wing 4310K1011  2x10 Fader Wing Retrofit Kit
4310A1003 2x20 Universal Fader Wing 4310K1012 2x20 Fader Wing Retrofit Kit

To set up an upgrade as a service, or to purchase a kit, please contact your favorite ETC Dealer


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