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Common Net3 RFR Part Numbers

Below is a list of common part numbers for the Net3 RFR unit. This is not a complete list of parts, but is rather meant to serve as a general source for those looking to replace parts.

4250A2025 - Handheld unit
4250A2026 - Base unit
4250A1022 - Full kit
PS352-F - Power supply (no cables)
M7325-F - USB cable A-mini B
4250B5640 - Battery board PCB in handheld
4250B5641 - Main PCB in handheld
HWM1036 - Case screws
HW8510 - Handheld buttons
BT139 - AA NiMH Battery (need 2)
M7283 - LCD Display
M7284 - OLED LCD Display
N1076 - Antenna cable
N1075 - Antenna for handheld
N1080 - Antenna for base
N1085 - Display window
S183 - Power switch in handheld
Y135 - 18.4MHz Crystal in base
Y9023-F - 25MHz Crystal in base
J6755-F - USB connector in base
Z1498-F - XB RF module

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