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Eos Family CSV Options for UTF Encoding


In Eos software versions prior to v2.7.0, CSV Export and Import only works with files encoded with ASCII/Latin1 encoding.  Target labels and notes with characters that are not in the Latin1 character set are not exported properly and cannot be imported correctly. 


In Eos v2.7.0+, CSV Import automatically detects the correct encoding of the .csv file.  However, to correctly export data from a file containing non-Latin1 characters (UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding), the user must add a special file to their computer.  An example file is attached below.  

  • For EOS Console or Windows PC

The file must be called "defaultcsv.ini" and placed in the Local App Data > ETC > Eos folder for the user. (eg. C:\Users\<name of user>\AppData\Local\ETC\Eos\ ). 

  • For MacOS

The file must be called "defaultcsv.ini" and placed in the "~/Library/Application Support/ETC/Eos" folder for the user.
It is recommended to use Go > Go to Folder and paste the directory as this library is hidden.

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