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Eos Family Failure to Save Show File


My console is giving me an error saying that it is "Unable to save to persistent storage".
Make sure that you are first able to save and back up your information to a USB flash drive before proceeding.


If you are able to successfully save your show file to a USB, you can proceed to the next steps.

  1. Exit to the Shell of your console by going to Exit
  2. Click on Settings > Maintenance > Deep Clear
  3. After the process is complete, simply click on Accept and then Primary
  4. Try reloading your show file from the USB drive and try doing a Save As onto the Show File Archive

If reloading your show from USB and saving on the console works, it should be safe to proceed as normal.

If you are unable to save to a USB flash drive or if the steps above did not resolve the issue:

  1. Contact ETC Technical Support as you may have failing hardware in your console
  2. Make sure to have the Serial Number of your console ready before contacting ETC.

Versions 1.9.12 and Below

If you run into an Ion or Eos that is failing to save the show, it may be possible to recover the show from persistent storage.  Save logs from the console, which will contain the persistent storage files from the console since at least version 1.4.0. Exit to the shell, click on settings, then maintenance, and finally Save Logs to begin the process. Please send the log files to -- please note that this redirects to the US Service box (ETC Inc).  Please include your contact information, a short description of the issue, and your console's serial number.

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